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September 15, 2010 / W. Stanton Smith

Rethinking Leadership

What do leaders do and how do we improve the quality of what leaders do?

We have no way of knowing who is a good leader and what they do or how they do it. Why these dark ages?

We’re missing a spiritual component

Not talking about organized religion here. The word spiritual can be defined as the deepest values and meanings by which people live. We should be studying the deepest beliefs which animate the leader.

For example if a deep belief held by a leadership candidate is that he/she is simply better than others and it is his/her way or the highway, it should be recognized that no amount of training is going to have real effect until this basic lack of empathy is addressed.

Photo by Dave Cappleman via Flickr

At best the leadership training received by such an individual will be like water off a duck’s back and at worst may facilitate his/her success in saying the right things but clearly not doing them.

Check out David Rock for clear thinking in this area.

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