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Decoding Generational Differences: changing your mindset… without losing your mind

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On Novermber 17, 2010 Stan will release his book entitled, Decoding Generational Differences: changing your mindset… without losing your mind.

Why Read this book?

Today’s multi-generational workplace is an unsolved mystery to most of us. The old ways don’t work so well anymore and we may not like the direction things are going. It’s as if we somehow need to break a secret code to unravel this mystery.

This book does just that. It decodes generational differences, especially those where the differences are starkest…between baby boomers and gen y. It is written in a highly readable, straightforward style to become your guide book and coach.

For gen y you will learn more about yourselves and the origin of the conflicts between you and older colleagues, bosses, and parents. For everyone else, you will learn why a changed mindset is necessary on your part and how to do so without losing your mind, or money for that matter. The author, W. Stanton Smith, has over 36 years of business experience as an innovator and highly successful manager of programs and people.

See what pre-viewers have said about this book already:

From leaders and managers of gen y:

“Stan is the wise sage who you just know has ‘been there’. He distills his years of experience and research into this simple and for many, eye-opening, gem of a book. In it, he gracefully de-codes the befuddling proposition of engaging and leveraging the younger generations. Highly valuable and recommended!”
Jamie Broughton, author of The Emerging Leader: Identify, Ignite
and Retain Your Company’s Next Generation of Leaders

“This book is a practical guide to managing the younger generation. I read this on a flight back from Singapore. As a result I could not wait to meet with the Gen Y’s in my business and recommence a dialogue as soon as I got back in the office. We have been speaking a different language to each other for years and it is no wonder we were not getting the most out of each other.”
Graham Broyd, Managing Director
RBS Global Banking & Markets (UK)

“If your business, career, and sanity requires understanding the Gen Y mindset, this book is for you.”
Peter Clayton
Producer/Host & Founder at Total Picture Radio

“Stan Smith has written the practical guide to understanding generational differences in today’s complex workplace. A special bonus: Stan includes a not-to-be-missed comparison of Gen Y attitudes in the US, China and India. Thank you, Stan for untangling the mysteries of generational dynamics!”
Carol Evans, President
Working Mother Media, A Division of Bonnier Corporation

“It is rare that reading a book is like having a truly participatory conversation with a trusted advisor. It is even rarer that a book provides data that unearth business trends and tools for managing them well. Decoding Generational Differences is all that and much more. Read this book ! Its benefits are invaluable for business leaders of all ages.”
Ellen Galinsky
President, Families and Work Institute
Author, Mind in the Making

“This is a must read book regardless of your role in life or your age. In my 25 years of writing about financial and career literacy, I’ve never encountered more on-point or practical advice than is in this book.”
Neale S. Godfrey, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author

“Everyone should read this wonderful book. In his engaging and easy to read style, Stan Smith identifies and explains important — but rarely articulated — differences in the beliefs, attitudes, and goals of the four generations in our current workforce. He then offers wise and practical ideas for helping the four generations work together more effectively. Equally important, Stan pin-points the ‘readiness dilemma’ our nation is facing. His is a message our business, education, and government leaders must hear, absorb, and plan to remedy. Thank you Stan for your lucid message on this clear risk to our future.”
John E. Gould, Esq.
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
CH Energy Group, Inc.

“In this enjoyable and accessible book W. Stanton Smith gets firmly under the skin of the different generations in today’s workplace, in particular the baby boomers and generation y. Cynics beware: failure to address the generational issue will not only result in disengaged workers but will also impede future success. By using W. Stanton Smith’s suggested tools, managers can bridge the mindset gap between the generations and enable workers to embark together on the journey to developing a sustainable workplace.”
Siân Harrington, Editor
HR Magazine (UK)

“Thank you, Stan, for unwrapping some of the needless inter-generational mysteries that clog the workplace and keep us from moving forward together. It’s great to see these common but insidious behavioral patterns laid bare and taken apart, piece by piece, and then a more useful social language emerge — one where age is, actually, just a number.”
Ted Huffman
Artistic Director, Greenwich Music Festival

“The wisdom of age is still important, but there is an urgent requirement for the older to learn from the younger. Stan Smith gives us — all of us, for the first time, whatever our age — the tools to decode generational differences and learn from each other.”
Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future and best-selling author of
Get There Early and Leaders Make the Future

“Wow! While I sometimes may yearn for the ‘good old days.’ Decoding Generational Differences clearly articulates the folly of those yearnings. Based on Stan’s research, we all need to give up the ghosts of the past and adapt to what defines and motivates the new generation.”
Donna Klein, Executive Chair and Founder
Corporate Voices for Working Families

“This book is guaranteed to make you more optimistic about the future of work and all of the people who do it.”
Kathleen M. Lingle, Executive Director
Alliance for Work-Life Progress

“Pay attention to this book. Stan Smith has captured the essence of Gen Y and how each of their distinctive personalities interact within corporate America. Smith’s dialog with Boomers highlights the values-clash and demonstrates the necessity of communications between the two generations. This is and will always be my reference book for Gen Y in the workplace.”
Gail McDaniel, Generation Y Career Coach
McDaniel Coaching, LLC

“Essential reading for those in business today.”
Phillip C. Roark, President & CEO

“Stan Smith has peeled the proverbial onion of the multi-generational workplace. As each layer is revealed, he provides data, insights and options that take some of the mystery out of folks with white hair having to work with colleagues who sport flip flops and tattoos. He encourages us all to be open to the possibility that each generation has something to learn from the other and with patience, a little effort and an open mind, the positive results will be clear for everyone.”
Steve Trautman, author of Teach What You Know: A Practical
Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring

“Solving the generations problem at work comes down to how you do problem solving and negotiation. Working with someone of any generation is actually a series of hundreds of small negotiations. If you do them well, things go smoothly and all issues are small. If you mishandle negotiations, problems grow, and road blocks pop up. What this book can do is help you troubleshoot problem areas in your work life that are a result of generational differences. It’s a skill that you can use over and over again.”
Penelope Trunk
Founder of Brazen Careerist

“Stan has given us a wonderfully direct, highly readable guide to understanding and managing differences among multiple generations at work. He adeptly blends research findings with examples and management tips in this tightly packed book. It’s a good — and practical — read!”
James W. Walker, Consultant
Founder of the Human Resources Planning Society
Co-author, Work Wanted: How To Protect Your Retirement Plans
in Uncertain Times (Wharton School Publishing, 2009)

“If you are a manager over 35 (and maybe even younger) you must read this insightful book. Stan Smith identifies and highlights not only the behaviors but the motivations that drive gen y. In a wonderful conversational format he offers prescriptive practices which will allow you to learn from, coach and learn to love this exciting generation.”
William J. White: Professor: Industrial Engineering & Management
Science Northwestern University, Author of From Day One —
CEO Advice to Launch an Extraordinary Career; Retired Chairman/
CEO Bell & Howell Co.

From gen y:

“W. Stanton Smith’s book offers my generation (gen y) and business leaders invaluable skills for bridging the communication gap that all too often exists between the two.”
Rhett Godfrey
Author of The Teen Code

“Finally, someone who gets it! What a refreshing insight into the values and attitudes of generation-y and baby boomers. Stan’s book offers a perspective that challenges gen-y to consider the effects of generational differences as they transition into the workplace.”
Elizabeth Leventis, Class of 2009
Principal, E-Marketing Firm

“Decoding Generational Differences is a MUST READ for office professionals of all ages. Stan Smith’s research provides keen insight into the minds and hearts of colleagues (executives and interns alike) and shows that despite the seemingly insurmountable differences between generations, there is a great deal of common ground upon which one can build mutual respect, understanding, and a successful workforce.”
Arthur Maier, Class of 2007
Associate Producer, Marketing Company

“Excellent book! It was refreshing to see someone from Stan’s generation who understands gen y’s point of view.”
Derek Pitman, Class of 2010
first year graduate student

“Stan Smith does a great job addressing generational differences from multiple perspectives. In addition to finding myself more knowledgeable of generations before me, I’ve also picked up a lot of things about my own generation that had never really occurred to me.”
Zach Sorrow, Class of 2013

“Take it from me — a graduate of the class of 2010 and an employee in a fast-paced, young technology company — Stan Smith knows what he is talking about. Read this book if you need the blueprint to put your organization on the path to success with an ever-growing workforce of members of Gen Y.”
Eric Velez, Class of 2010
Associate, global technology firm

“Very cool book. Stan’s got a lot of great insight into gen y’s motivations. People will really benefit from his perspective in how to tap into my generation’s potential; a potential which may be left under-realized if managers continue traditional approaches.”
Stewart Watts, Class of 2006
Associate, global investment firm

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