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September 15, 2010 / W. Stanton Smith

Parkinsons Disease

I have had Parkinsons Disease (PD) for at least 12 years.

Besides having a loving, supportive wife and friends, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate that through a type of interval training I have been able to remain much more mobile and generally functional than would have been expected.

From time to time I’ll blog on this subject because PWPs (People with Parkinsons) are largely without voice (both literally and figuratively) as are their Care Partners (CP) who have to cope with an enormous burden.


This was brought home in graphic form when a support group I’m a member of applied for a charity which high school students were raising funds for. Our application was not approved because
1. the young people for the most part don’t know what PD is and
2. they only wanted to give money towards finding a cure (our application had been for an exercise center for PWPs)

I am not critical of these young people as they are operating on available information and what they can relate to. My point is to make you aware of my motivations for blogging on this topic. More to come…

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